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Your Turn to Learn

Updated: Sep 29, 2021

Ahhhh….September…the month when leaves start to turn, football gets underway, crock pot recipes come out and white pants get packed away. September is also a time school buses can be seen on the roads as most kids make their way back into the classroom.

Why leave the fun of learning just to our kids?

This past year, we have been fortunate to have been provided a wealth of online webinars pertaining to meeting and event management from Meeting Professionals International, the Event Industry Council, Meetings Net and several other renowned organizations in the industry. The Kinsley team took advantage of these courses to hone our skills and ensure we were on top of the latest advancements and techniques to set our meetings apart from others.

But learning in our industry does not have to be limited to developing risk management plans, contract negotiations, and developing strategic goals. There are a wealth of classes out there for you to take to diversify your skills, mindset and have a bit of fun at the same time:

Virtual Wine Courses

Want to wow your clients the next time you plan a reception? Why not impress them with your knowledge of the suggested beverage options. Virtual wine courses can help you learn how wine is made, identify regions where grapes grow the best, and understand the benefits of different size wine glasses to bring out the true flavors of a particular varietal (all from the comfort of your home…no driving!)

Check out this great round-up of virtual wine classes! And for those of you who prefer something with a bit more variety than your standard wine – check out online bartending classes too!

Improv Courses

We’ve all been there…your speaker is running late, the A/V system goes kaput or the power goes out in the entire facility. No matter how much you plan, situations can arise causing you to think on your feet, adjust course and put on a brave face in front of your clients / attendees. What better way to improve your “tap-dancing” skills than taking an improv class? Improv can help you learn techniques enabling you to react positively to whatever challenge you face at your next event!

A quick Google search will pull up Improv classes in your local area (and there are event online classes too!)

Language Classes

Hablas Espanol? Parlez-vous francais? Sprechen Sie Deutsch? If you answered…”HUH?” to any those questions…perhaps it's time to consider taking a language course to get some basic phrases down. There are some wonderful (and reasonably priced) online options available to learn a language including Pimsleur, Rosetta Stone, and Babbel. Global events are on the rise and tapping into an international audience can help expand and diversify your event.

This New York Magazine article provides an excellent summary of language courses available to meet every goal/price point. Help set your international conference goers at ease a bit when you welcome them to your event in their given language: Bienvenido! Bienvenu! Willkommmen! And Fáilte (a prize to whomever guesses that one!)

Travel Courses

And speaking of international events, seize the opportunity to learn about international travel to help your clients and attendees navigate customs and regulations through classes designed for travel & tourism. The International Air Transport Association, IATA, has multiple courses to help you become proficient in international travel, making you more valuable to those you support.

As the Fall Season gets underway, with our kids setting the example, now is the perfect time to explore classes beyond our traditional path. When you take the time to learn a new skill, you get in position to be of better service to clients and open avenues to connect with others.

Go grab your backpack, sharpen your pencils and snag an apple for the teacher – it is time to get out there and learn!

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