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Updated: May 25

For horse lovers out there, May is certainly your month. With the excitement (and drama) of the 147th Kentucky Derby and 'Rombauer’, a sort of long-shot, winning at the Preakness - what is not to love? (Especially if you like Chardonnay!) For non-horse lovers, now is also a time for us to seize life by the reins and enjoy the ride! To that end, I’d like to share a few thoughts on things that have been amusing me these past few days/weeks – and I think you’ll enjoy!


2 Quickies:

I like to read spy/suspense/mystery novels and I have read two in the last month – The Disappeared by CJ Box and Split Second by David Baldacci. Both novels are suspense/mystery novels. Box’s main character is Joe Pickett, a game warden in Wyoming, who gets roped into solving mysteries while also chasing poachers. Split Second is about two former secret service agents that form a partnership to solve mysteries that seem to elude solving by the FBI, Secret Service and other government agencies. Both are quick fun reads. One of Box’s novels, The Highway, is the basis for the TV Series Big Sky and Baldacci’s book Absolute Power was made into a movie of the same name starring Clint Eastwood.

Sharpen your Culinary Skills

I also just read a new cookbook, Vegetable Simple by Eric Ripert. Ripert is the chef/owner of La Bernadin in New York City, selected as the best seafood restaurant in America several times. Looking forward to making Curried Brussels Sprouts. My tip to you? Make sure to cut your Brussels Sprouts into quarters for faster cooking and more browning. Browning = Flavor!

The Sound of Silence Sound!

‘Noble silence’ is a term used in meditation for hours of silence while meditating. My partner/wife, Allison, has done three ten-day, silent meditation camps and they talk a lot about noble silence before camp starts. Well, in the last few weeks we have experienced noble chatter. We had our first in-office staff meeting in over a year. It was glorious to see everyone in person. By the time you read this our entire team will be fully vaccinated. Allison uses the Calm App, available in the App Store or Google Play, to meditate at home and for her 10 Days of Silence she has been to a Vipassana camp. These camps are throughout the world. Not sure why she chose Idaho last time, instead of France.

Parting thoughts:

In June we are managing our first face to face meeting for about 50 attendees. In July we have one for 400 guests. As we move into these more open times we are being conservative when our clients ask what we think about the protocols to put in place for the meetings. And, as we have all experienced, what we plan for tomorrow will very likely be different next week. All we ask is that we all show some grace when it comes to the never ending changes and some grace for those that may act differently than you or me.

Be well.

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